The new HM CAM C01 super compact wired backup rear camera is the ideal choice for installation on cars, boats, trucks, and campers. It's compatible with Hertz HMR 50 marine source and with any devices with a camera input, like chart plotters, head units, and control panels...

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Hertz SP 4.500
Maggio 10, 2023
Thanks to the Hertz ADC (Advanced D-Class) output stage, SP 4.500, with the most compact size of the category 192.7 (7.58) x 130 (5.1) mm (in.) x 49 (1.9), reaches up to 85% efficiency delivering...
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New Venezia compact marine amplifiers
Aprile 26, 2023
The new Venezia marine compact amplifiers feature an optimized power/size ratio thanks to Hertz Advanced Class D technology that maximizes efficiency and power while minimizing heat and electromagnetic radiation - enhancing sound quality that reaches...
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CBA 250 active subwoofer box
Marzo 21, 2023
The new Hertz CBA 250 active subwoofer box features a dedicated high-performance amplification module that enhances all the passive box technologies, such as the 2S²(2 Sides / 2 Sounds) design, the Plug & Play terminal...
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New Hertz Marine catalog
Febbraio 14, 2023
The new Hertz Marine catalog is ready for download.
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New Hertz catalog
Febbraio 2, 2023
The new Hertz catalog is ready for download
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